ZCash Mining Benchmark on AWS

Okay. So a coin has just launched. So the difficulty must have been low. Woah! withing 15 min the difficulty went beyond the reach of an average Joe. Mining solo is no longer an option. So lets jump in, the time is probably bad (atleast for some people). Zcash broke support level of 0.2BTC.

Zcash price trend

I rather expected a support level of 0.15. Even now the depth at polonix shows 0.13 support level. Okay, lets face it no cloud contract for zcash is generating positive cash flow now. Even after Genesis-Mining gave 25% extra to all, it is a loss making venture.

So I jumped into AWS and bench-marked each compute optimized instance. Here is the result, c4.8xlarge is generating 67hps. Now if you can reserve a spot instance. You just might make a profit. So lets see the benchmark.

zcash mining benchmark c3.xlarge

zcash mining benchmark c4.large

zcash mining benchmark c4.8xlarge

zcash mining benchmark c4.2xlarge

zcash mining benchmark c4.xlarge

zcash mining benchmark c4.4xlarge

zcash mining benchmark c3.large

But again not that this is all bad. Even after the craze difficulty is under control. At the time of writing this the difficulty is around 248970. The only reason for this controlled difficulty is free fall in price. So the best thing that can happen is stabilization of zcash value around this level only. So that difficulty is under control. If the value is stabilized only then it’ll find it’s intended market. Only then we’ll have a real value of zcash. Not a speculative value.

1 comment for “ZCash Mining Benchmark on AWS

  1. November 16, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Apologies but not a very good benchmark.

    All using the same version of nheqminer?
    Difficulty was sampled over a timespan of how long?
    Amazon offer a much larger config range than what you’ve listed (wheres the 40, 64, 128 cpu EC2 instances?).
    I’d suggest running a private pool to gauge true performance.

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