What I have done

I have tried a lot of things outside of my job that pays my bills. Anyway like any other personal project most are dead. Still I should mention something that I’ve done. And these are a few of them.



It process the chat conversation, try to understand entities, concepts and keywords to generate easy to understand graphs. Summary For HipChat actually brings Natural Language understanding in the scene to provide sensible summary. That is relevant for practical purpose.
Store Link: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/me.dipanjan.summary

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[Currently Discontunied]

Agro Data Agility:

Gives an intuitive UI like Azure ML Studio to create powerful and only required part from the whole USDA dataset. We’ll manage the data and infrastructure, You just need to focus on functionality of your application. We are providing tailored USDA data as per your need as Data As A Service. You build a custom dataset. You can build another on top of it. We support complete hierarchical structure on the base datasets.
All type of queries can be run on resulting datasets.
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Available @GitHub


AtroSeer tracks news, tweet and other relevent data in real time and matches pattern from past data (available via USAID) to find out where the next atrocity will occur. More details is available on My Website. The data is in public domain @AtroSeer.org. This project was finalist for Microsoft Imagine Cup.

AtroSeer Logo AtroSeer Imagine Cup recognition


Location aware social app for windows phone. Technically the mobile client is consuming WCF service deployed on azure. For storing user communication it is using Azure Table. Storing media is made possible with blob, client is given a SAS Uri to communicate with blob service. All SQL transection is done via Entity framework. Detail is available here. Download it from store.

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Hasher is a very tiny nuget package to generate Guid salt and corresponding password hash (sha2) and later to verify if the password is correct w.r.t. stored salt and hash value. Available as Nuget package.




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