Calculated Apery’s constant to 400,000,000,000 Digit, A world record



Okay, after 22 days I have a world record in calculating Apery’s constant to world record accuracy. Well you may say an unverified world record i.e. I am starting the verification from tomorrow so hopefully I’d be able to verify it. I verified it now. The verification log is available here. Anyway it feels good.

Now, Why?

Actually even I don’t know but mostly because I can. When π is calculated to 10 trillion digits, ζ(3) should not lag behind. Although technically it calculating ζ(3) (a.k.a Apery’s constant) is computationally much harder. So the challenge was there to grab.

But How?

The configuration (feels good):

Core Count : 16

Memory: 224GB

Disk: 3TB (SSD)

Software: y-cruncher

In simple word I used Azure VM G4 instance. And yes it probably costed more than my both kidneys. But thank you Microsoft Research, for giving a research sponsorship.

The result file is 156GB compressed. Yes! that much it takes to accommodate 400,000,000,000 digits in a file. So yes I am seeing some digits in Apery’s constant no one has ever seen before.




If you are curious, here is the y cruncher Log of calculation. If you really want the 156GB result shoot an email, I don’t know what it’ll cost in Amazon Glacier.

2 comments for “Calculated Apery’s constant to 400,000,000,000 Digit, A world record

  1. Jacob
    January 12, 2016 at 4:05 am

    “the challenge was their to grab.” should be the challenge was “there” to grab.
    Good job on the maths tho!

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