Author: Dipanjan

Representing speech for machine learning models,Spectrogram, MFCC . Feature extraction

Machine Learning is easy, at least, on a superficial level. You have some numerical array (maybe you call them tensors, because of high dimensionality, sometimes). Thats your input. Sometimes you throw away some features, if you have too many dimensions. Then you import some model from some library and just call, y_train) That’s it! Your…

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[Algo Trading] Arbitrage Trading for retail traders BSE/NSE. Part 3. The finer points

I wrote last two posts about arbitrage trading, the first one about spotting arbitrage trading opportunities using last traded price (which is wrong in strict sense, mentioned there). But it made sense to get the idea.  Here I’ll goo deeper into the topic to really find out is it really possible at all? The first…

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